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"I  travel most of my days. I see our planet and I appreciate its beautify, its dignity, and its mystery. I get inspired by misty sunrises, sleepy ports, vibrant cultures, tiny islands, colorful parishes, majestic capitals, stormy waters, diamond fjords, splendid seacoasts, rich antiquity, innocent smiles, genuine laughter, energetic sunsets and brilliant skies. I admire all that I see and I incorporate these 'treasures' into my creations. Each piece in my collection is a living piece of our Universe. It caries a meaning of a lifetime, a long lost message in a bottle, a history lesson from the wise or a moment in time worth reliving. Each photo piece has a story.  If you care to learn, I care to teach! Our planet is unbelievable." ​   

         ~Antonia George Eve                                                                                                                                                                  

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