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"Become the Captain of your Life" Sale $29.99


This is a seven day program that explorers The Seven Energy Centers (EC) located throughout our body. You journey will begin with your focus on the Foundation EC, it will move to your Emotional EC and to your Confidence EC, it will make a stop in your Heart EC and your Truth EC only to continue to your Intuition EC and to your Spiritual EC. You will also receive an access to a bonus day that it will explorer a Secret EC related to your dreams & your desires.! As a results of this deep self-exploration work you will really get to know yourself, connect to your purpose and authenticity! You will no longer live a life, but you will connect to your path, your true calling , you will unlock your potential and your treasures in life. You will become the 'Captain of your Life' that is bravely sailing towards the biggest treasures of your biggest dreams that only you know and imagine for yourself!

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