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'The Legacy of Jackie O & Onassis', Skorpios Island, Greece

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Next time you are in Nydri or Vathi, Greece make a point to explorer the history and the dynamic of the nearby Skorpios Island. Famously owned by the Onassis Foundation the island is full of celebrity politics and dynasty controversy. The island was the favorite place of Aristotle Onassis. There he built a villa as a wedding gift to his famous bride, Jackie O, he played classical music to his farmed animals as chickens and goats, he enjoyed driving his famous antique car collection that was stored on the island, he lavishly entertained popular dignitaries, dictators and celebrities and lastly he chose the island as his ‘rest in peace’ place.

There are so many things that define the life of Aristotle Onassis but here on the island of Nydri people love talking about his marriage to the former First Lady of the Unities States, Jackie Kennedy. Later known as Jackie O, she was very present in the life of the island and there are many photos still circling around from her days there. From their famous wedding, to their time ashore, to scandalous necked pictures by the tavern, Skorpios Island is full of juicy stories of their romance.

Click on the picture to watch the video about Jackie Kennedy Years in Skorpios

After the controversial passing of both of Onassis’s children, today, the only living relative of the Onassis Dynasty is his granddaughter, Athena Onassis. Aristotle’s final wish was the island to remain in the family till there is a living blood relative. Unfortunately the granddaughter chooses not to be involved in the life of the island and even more so she leased the island to a Russian oligarch 5 years ago for 99 years. The people of Nydri tell a story that she believes in curse that follows the Onassis family that came from the Kennedys. The locals say that by 'transferring' the the island to the hands of others is Athena Onassis way of breaking the curse once and for all!

~Lady Captain

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