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The Master Classes  are a popular way to gain an access to a specific topic that you need an immediate attention to.  They are suitable to both men and women.  Please choose from a variety of hot topics that can transform you into a matter of hours and get you ready for what ever challenge you might have that week or even that day. 

Master Class: SOS Style Transformation

Master Class: High Tea Etiquette

Master Class: Dine like a Royal- COMING SOON

Master Class: Set Sails towards Emotional Intelligence 

Champagne Etiquette

Master Class: Ego vs Heart- COMING SOON

Master Class: My Time, My Treasure- COMING SOON

Master Class: My Mission in Life, Finding your Purpose- COMING SOON

Master Class: Creative Gift Ideas- COMING SOON

Master Class:  SOS, I need to write a Toast, Note, Speech, or Letter- COMING SOON

Master Class: House Transformation, Interior Design- COMING SOON

Master Class: Money, Money, Money! How to have more of it! COMING SOON

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